hacking taboos daily with stuff around the house

what have I done?

and why do I do it?

Doily Art


pics from my solo show in San Francisco covered by SF Weekly.

crochet tampons

crochet business hi-tech style, posted on Kimberly Wiefling's Scrappy Blog


Suspended Love - Artist Residency at PreNeo Press

hairy pair

peek at my hairy free standing lace art at about 50 seconds into the video.


my 3D crochet work
and more fiber creations

my fiber arts creations at Baubo Roars and now at nuze

tampon ristra

, inspired by my tampon decorating period

s   t   o   r   i   e   s           w   i   s   h   e   s           j   o   k   e   s           m   u   s   i   n   g   s


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