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Scott's 40th Birthday

Once upon a time, there was a younger brother passing through the gates of hail. His older sister welcomed him warmly with this card, which, so she's told, brought him to teary eyed laughter. Bullseye. It takes a family member to know one sometimes.

Say bye-bye to good times

Ooh, ooh, Scott is so strong now that he's 40.

Wake up Scott! You're late for work.

Everyone else gets a crown when they turn 40, but you haven't done enough good deeds yet or screwed enough people to qualify as royalty yet.

Did you know that Scott just turned 40?

Quit spitting on me when you talk, wouldja?

Across the street from Scott's house, his neighbors (and secretly his family) pray for him in his old age.

Did you know that Scott just turned 40?

I love my tree.

Scott's 40th Brithday Celebration Committee

Scott, the dolt who's caused all sorts of problems for his parents and their belief system.

Scott who?

Oh, me remember him.

Yeah, that prick who tried to come between me 'n Bo here. Fuck his ass.

...and one of these chateaus is waiting just for you.

If we keep looking, we'll find all the parts of Scott soon.

Ahhh, the next half of your life + all the new tricks you will learn.

Oh wait, the wrong side aged.

Ahh, now life in the ... lane.

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