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Back when the 1000 Journals project was getting started, I played in journal #550.

Through some fluke of the universe, I even appeared in the film about this project, which you can actually get via Netflix. Yes, this anti-lover of limelight girl is in film. For about 20 seconds.

But really, so much in the film was news to me. I was just having a good time being silly doing my silly collagy thing when I learned through the film that all these amazing exchanges but also some mean stuff was going back and forth around the world between people who didn't even know each other. It had to be difficult for some of the participants to tell their stories. I think the producer Andrea Kreuzhage did a very respectful job helping these stories be told. Thank you, Andrea. And thank you, interviewees, for being so courageous.

Several journals were on display and the film played for several months in early 2009 at SFMOMA.

I don't remember how my contribution started. It's very possible I was riffing off of someone else's collaged cut-out of a magazine that asked, "What if the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?

What if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?

Just the hokey pokey?
Not model trains too?

Oh, Pleeze make it so
and get me out of these electrodes!

Can I wear my hat?

...and ice. Ice blocks ... right? Don't tell me.

Oh no, couldn't be. It must be this laundry detergent.

The hokey pokey? How do we shoot that?

Yes, what you read in the papers this morning is true.
The bible does say that it's all about the hokey pokey.
Now please line up so we can get started as soon as
the band is ready.

You guys do the hokey pokey
ONE MORE TIME on that court
and I'll have each of you expelled.

Yes, master. It says here that it is all about
the hokey pokey.

hokey? pokey? poke poke.
hokey hokey. who? what? who said that?
hey, quit poking me. I'm gonna tell mom.


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