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coffee book

There is only one thing better than an iced double half caf nonfat with whip extra hot soy cappuccino latte ...

I top off my cappuccino with a touch of sheep's milk. I keep telling them - they'll make a killing if they offer it. But will they listen to me? Nooooooo.

...tastes a bit too much like the competitor's french roast.

Fine tuning the heuristics of the external spacecraft espresso machine. Here it takes only 0.01032 seconds to brew a doppio.

Man, that espresso's really something. It usually takes me all morning to do what I just did.

I can never make up my mind. So wherever this lands on the menu, that's what I'm getting.

One of these tubes has a caramel latte in it. Eeny meeny miney mo...

There is no end to what I can carve out of pressed used coffee grinds.

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