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coffee book - 2

When that much espresso comes down this creek, it literally dissolves the banks no matter what we plant.

Yeah, I'm the one who downed the most shots in 1 minute. How many? 18. Yeah, they had to give this to me in the hospital but it was worth it.

Yippee! They got my order right!

Heck with the stale cracker - Polly wants a cappuccino.

That's why they're called the aged sumatran goats. They're better than police dogs at sniffing out that stuff.

Poor guy - broke into Nairobi's Starbucks and ate all the beans.
(gorilla on operating table)

We should've hit a latte lode by now.

Well, son, you failed at what you call Starbucks foamy school. Now here's your last chance - 4 years at Steammilk Springs Cappuccino College. Then you're on your own.

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