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coffee book - 4

We ain't drinkin' no lat-tays.
It's cowboy coffee 'er nuttin'.

They tell me - espresso - it mix wit turquoise - it much stronger. But now they tell me.

This god, that god - what if we all prayed to the coffee god? We all have that in common, don't we?

She ordered soy, not regular. Here I go again.

The secret of Starbuck's future competition.

When-a will-a you-a learn-a? You-a drinka tooa mucha coffee and the sewers can'ta handle thata mucha caffeine and they-a spontaneously combust-a!

Coming out of the closet - the first barista to admit that he served every decaf request with caffeine and no one noticed.

How many times do I have to tell you - order mine with no whip.

Last time you tempted me with a latte. How do you expect me to go back to popcorn?

gawd, those drinks are messy.

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