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altered dictionary page reprisal - 5

They love my music for background while they build those silly darn altered dictionary pages. Whatever ... it's their life.

And then he said, "you wanna see my altered dictionary pages?"

Your last altered dictionary page was crap and you know it.

He travels far and wide for just the right objects for his altered dictionary page.

Let me get this straight - if I marry you, you'll give me all your altered dictionary pages?

She only likes me for my extensive altered dictionary page collection.

Now, the most important thing to remember, boys, when you go out into the woods is that everything you see, feel and touch can be used in your altered dictionary page.

The signing of the Treaty of Altered Dictionary Pages where east and west agreed to tolerate each other's views of this ... this ... this artform.

Who took my altered dictionary page?

Looked too long for that perfect magazine photo.

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