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altered dictionary page reprisal - 2

After the movie he brought me home and ... and ... and asked to see my altered dictionary pages.

Class members look around for appropriate and stimulating objects for their altered dictionary pages.

I know I buried that damn altered dictionary page around here somewhere.

Ya know, not a shingle pershon in my AA group blames their family. We all blame those damned ... al-tair-ed dick-shun-airy phages ... 'er whatever ya call 'em.

Digging for altered dictionary pages.

Give me your tired, your poor, your altered dictionary pages yearning to be something else.

My daughter, she no take care of me, she off to university to make it big in altered dictionary pages.

No, no, there's no altered dictionary pages around here, nope, no sir.

She didn't like my altered dictionary page and I've never felt right since.

You can have a kiss only if you finish your altered dictionary page.

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