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When a fellow book artist was planning her wedding, she asked all her book artist friends to contribute a handmade book for her bookquet that she would carry down the aisle. Being a crochet fiend, I was excited to combine crochet with bookmaking for this collaborative project.

crocheted book flower
During the unveiling, given that everyone was familiar with my other crochet work, they flipped through the little pages looking for the conjugal bits.

It’s for a wedding, I chided. Have some decency.

Yes, it’s for a wedding, they said, so why’d you leave them out?

For the next one I have no choice.

Private Sasquatch

sasquatch privatesPrivate Sasquatch.

Or the privates of Sasquatch.

Does Sasquatch have privates?

If he did, what would they look like? If he doesn’t, then, well, how did he get here? Is he not mammalian?

And what about Sasquatch’s female partner? Where is she in all this? I’ve never heard of her.

Is there really only one guy? Has a she version ever been seen? And if so, does she have privates? What do they look like?

Someone’s gotta research this for all of you who won’t admit that you wonder about these things too.

Sculptured crochet ornament

About 10 inches long and 4 inches wide with a large quotient of hair


clackersLet’s see, what category do these belong in … Decorative? Body Parts? Wom and Manwom?

Remember those clackers from the 70’s? That’s what these remind me of. Well, ok, that’s the second thing these remind me of.

I was inspired by a similar shape that someone had created out of fabric or burlap in an art show years ago. I played with it in crochet.

As I was coaxing the end strings up from the bottom, they stuck out the sides in an intermediate step. I liked the effect so much I added several more pieces of thread to add “hair”.

I didn’t want to stuff these with regular stuffing because the design holes would allow it to stick out a little too much for my liking. So I stuffed them with little marshmallows. So far the ants haven’t found them.

I’ve used them most recently as a Christmas tree decoration.

Crochet sculpture with marshmallows. About 6-1/2 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide excluding hair.