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Too Much of a Good Thing Spoils the Broth

I just noticed that the last several posts I’ve made are all phallic-focused. Yeah, they are fun little creatures, they appear out of nowhere in thought and sometimes otherwise. But really, there is more to life. Even mine.

I was preparing materials for a light holiday-focused fun laser class a few days ago, playing with spray paint and acrylic.

I was showing a friend the series, “I started with this plain snowman here but you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone.”

He replied, “So you moved the carrot nose down to his crotch?”

“Heyyy, that never occurred to me.” And it was true.





I put my face on it, of course!

Fun in the Sun Laser Exploits

I ran into Kurt Schaefer again with a piece of wood that was a tad more charred than if it had come off one of our lasers.He explained, “yeah, I had this xy-table from 15 years ago and I’ve been switching out heads on it. Decided to try and make myself a laser.”

“So you bought a tube and attached it…” I knee-jerkily suggested.

“No, it’s the cheapest laser around.  I attached a magnifying glass to the head.  And I use the sun.”



“See here, I thought the break in the first ‘e’ was from the sun moving by the time it got back to the start.  To test that, I did another ‘e’ a little slower and the gap turned out larger.”

As he left, he mumbled something about gathering sun motion charts based on earth location and factoring compensation into his code.

Fine Design in Toilet Paper Rolls


There are so many wrong ways to make cuts using the rotary attachment and I think I made them all. Now I can never forget. At some point things worked well enough and I ended up with these crazy cut-out shapes.


And this:



And then … there’s always this ~


For the right couple, it would be hilarious to deliver your question this way. Roll up just enough toilet paper over this enhanced inner holder. Place it in position. And plan accordingly.