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Wire Sculptures – that Sway?

dianeKomater.jpgJust came across a new wire sculpture by artist Diane Komater.


wireSwayingCock.jpgImmediately, I could hear the gentle screech screech of a wire cock swinging back and forth, hanging from the fence of my childhood backyard in the cool fall evening breeze. Then my mind took me on a whirlwind trip around thoughts of aging, how we age, how we treat those older than us, how our perspective on age changes as we age, death and dying … screech screech. Ok, well nevermind all that. Turns out she’ll be at Ft. Mason soon. I’ll go check her work out – and see if it sways.

When do you Write off an Ejaculate?

At a salon recently, my new acquaintance spoke this sentence to me: “When do you write off an ejaculate?”

If I hadn’t been talking to an accountant, I would’ve taken a few steps back.  Instead, I said, “Do you realize how long I’ve been waiting to meet someone who could utter that statement honestly while describing their line of work?”

Sperm banks need accountants too.

Ode to a Witch’s Tit

Strange and twisted isn’t it,
My black and shriveled witch’s tit?
It’s like a wineskin sans the wine,
A brittle, morbid eglantine.
It’s mummy’s flesh but not as old,
Yet just as dry and twice as cold.
You cannot take your eyes from it–
So come and try my witch’s tit.

— Pozo Estancado


You won’t see these in Chinatown,
Unless a midget slaps them down:
A strident snap, a tiny flash–
All over but the stain and splash.

These remind me of the snappers you can buy in Chinatown. Those are the annoying little bits of gunpowder and rocks twisted up in paper that go snap when you throw them against something.

— Pozo Estancado

Crocheted Uncircumcised Penis





Ok, this one needs some help from a hydrolocrochet engineer. Know anyone?

~ ~ ~

At a show displaying my work, a woman asked if I would crochet her a penis for her husband. I asked if he was circumcised or not. She hesitated, then asked, “How do you tell?”

I used this piece to demonstrate but by the expression on her face, I think she was still not sure. See, I do need that hydrolocrochet engineer.

Too Much of a Good Thing Spoils the Broth

I just noticed that the last several posts I’ve made are all phallic-focused. Yeah, they are fun little creatures, they appear out of nowhere in thought and sometimes otherwise. But really, there is more to life. Even mine.

I was preparing materials for a light holiday-focused fun laser class a few days ago, playing with spray paint and acrylic.

I was showing a friend the series, “I started with this plain snowman here but you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone.”

He replied, “So you moved the carrot nose down to his crotch?”

“Heyyy, that never occurred to me.” And it was true.





I put my face on it, of course!


I’ve been working on a new art piece and had it hanging at one of several places I share my ideas in progress.


A friend walked by responding to its latest improvement of little beads hanging below, “ooh, it now has ejaculant.””like coolant?” I replied.

After an awkward silence, he asked, “isn’t that what it’s called?”

Umm … I decided to go ahead.  “Well, it’s e-jac-u-late,” I enunciated each syllable, “not e-jac-u-lant.”

He looked at me dumbfounded, like I was speaking a different language and these two different sounds were not discernable to him.  I tried again but I got the same look.  We dropped it.

Later I was relating the story to another male friend.  I told him that someone had called it ejaculant.  My friend looked at me, waiting for the punch line.  I said, it’s e-jac-u-late, not e-jac-u-lant.  Three times I repeated it, but same as the last guy, we got nowhere.

His chemistry background prompted him to say it’s just like precipitant.  I said yeah, it IS just like precipitant, only the word is precipitate. After more online dictionary consultations, he finally agreed although loudly proclaimed that he liked ejaculant better and stomped off muttering something about how nouns and verbs should never be the same word.

Just as I was going to post this, I decided to see how many other occurrences of this misspelled word there were.  According to a google search today, there are 145,000 listings for ejaculant as compared to 1.8 million for ejaculate.  Seems it is a word fetus on its way to becoming a true individual word of its own someday, maybe, and the joke is on me.