Cleaning Laser Residue off of Wood

Epilog Laser site describes how to clean wood after lasering it.

Some further learnings from Dima Kumets (mail dima AT nerdkraft DAWT com) - the fast orange is good but unless the wood is already sealed, it's a pain to remove the little bits of grit on intricate work. The problem with the eagle shape they are showing is that the little pumice bits would get stuck in the tiny grooves and even a moist paper towel may not be enough to get them out.

My standard procedure for cleaning wood. If possible seal the wood before lasering with tung oil or linseed oil.

  1. Prepare a small cup with murphy's oil soap, fast orange hand cleaner and a stiff bristle tooth brush. I prefer to use my sonicare electric brush with and old head.
  2. Near a sink, brush with murphy's - you should see a lot of soot come up.
  3. If the soot is still not coming up, escalate to the fast orange.
  4. Rinse - I know it's scary to get water on unfinished wood but you're doing a quick rinse, not submerging for extended periods. This hasn't caused any issues for me yet.
  5. Wipe immediately with a cloth and set on a paper towel for final drying - flip the wood and change the paper towel if it seems wet. An hour is usually enough to get the wood completely dry.

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