etch your jeans ... to wear or to flash?

people always ask me for my parameters. here's the best reason I've seen so far for why they shouldn't want them.

one evening late at night, as the story goes, someone came in to the laser room, closed the door, took off his jeans, put them in the laser, etched a design down the side, put them back on and left.

I've etched a whole bunch of denim so far and by chance I happened to notice the following. I had four samples, each done at the same speed but with different power settings.


fine linework etched at power of 40.

thicker linework etched at power of 35

solid clipart etched at power of 20

solid art etched at power of 50. this one looked great on the table but as we lifted it up, it fell apart in our fingers.

soooo ... you ask me - or someone else - for parameters. they most likely don't know how they'll work for you. I had fine linework. you have solid clipart. your jeans look like the bottom picture.

maybe it just depends on the party you're preparing for.


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