halloween crème brulée

what to bring but a table full of something etched.


next year, green custard?


not even special for Halloween, the grocery store now has a whole line of pudding flavors including bubble gum (pink) and green apple (above). no refrigeration needed.

I gave one of these green ones to someone and I didn't see them eat it. later I asked. he said he had a couple spoonsful and he was waiting for it to get better but it didn't. "It's like Halloween meets a toy - and then you eat it."


but look! after a few days, it shows evidence it IS actually food - for something.


Laser brand Epilog
Laser type CO2
Laser watts 45
Tube life kinda new
Artwork med thick lines
Raster Speed 10
Raster Power 90
dpi 200

took just about an hour to etch all the vanilla ones. I think the green was drier and so it etched better. water will just soak up the heat and prohibit browning. also, these items, like most baked goods and other foods, display a better etch when they're done out of focus. lucky for me I didn't have an option with the purchased pudding cup. and lucky for my vehicle in transporting these things that I didn't have to pack the pudding up to the top of the cups.


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