paper towel glass

one member etched a glass using the dishsoap and wet newsprint trick. but given a lack of newsprint, he used a TechShop class eval sheet that just happened to include a printed line (for someone to presumably follow as they wrote an evaluation). he discovered that the printing on the paper impacted the laser etch into the glass.

this is on my list of things to experiment with - print an image onto regular 20 lb bond paper with the average office laser ink printer, then etch a solid filled rectangle encompassing the printed paper area onto glass. since glass typically doesn't show variations in color or gray scale well, this might be a good way to transfer an image onto glass.

beat me to this and I'll gladly post pics of your work with whatever attribution you want. go! do it! you know you want to :D

another member didn't have any newsprint and decided to try paper towel, which transferred that particular texture into the laser etch in the Alison glass below. I can tell this is not my paper towel ;)



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