someday I will stop this

but for now, I continue to take whatever permitted substances I can find and stick them in the laser to see how they will be affected.

yesterday was no different with a hard boiled egg.  the question always is ... what mark should I make?  every item is a Rorschach test for my brain ... what kind of joke will it make this time.  I don't even feel in control.  I just present it with these items and it responds.  I know nothing.

a couple guys were in the room at the time.  as soon as one of them heard what I was going to do, he bolted, afraid of the ensuing smell.  that didn't even occur to me and I'm happy to report it didn't do that.  it did smell burnt with a hint of egg but you had to get your nose within a few inches of it.


a pristine freshly peeled (and wet) hard boiled egg awaits its hot fate.


above: in between declaring its laid fate, it also talked about being fried.  you can see a lighter burn on the bottom and a darker one on the top of the egg.

I had originally etched "I have been laid" and when I changed it to "I was laid" I got a lesson in the latter being better grammar thanks to the other guy in the room whose mom used to obsessively correct his grammar as a kid.  I talked with more people about this point and can't swear I totally get it but gee, the conversations that can ensue when one tries to etch a hard boiled egg.


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