making crème brulée with a laser

with great fanfare from fellow laserists, I etched designs onto custard just to see if it could be done.

took about 10 tries to get something reasonable. we tried both raster and vector. had vector cuts ripping right through this custard. we could see the tiny sliver being made, as if with an invisible hot wire, and then the custard closing in on itself as the laser moved on. really cool to watch!

at fast etching speeds, the custard did a very fast short entertaining jiggling (ok, so I'm easily amused).

I etched the name of the cafe (Cafe Borrone) that sold me the custard, saved that part and ate the rest. it didn't have nearly as strong of a burnt taste as other foods I've done. oh, well, maybe because it's supposed to taste burnt? I'll return their etched name part in the bottom of the cleaned custard cup. surely they'll be impressed.


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