melting shapes out of confectioners sugar

what do you get if you apply the laser to confectioners sugar? shapes of your choosing, of course, right?

well, the first time we were using vectors and in 3 seconds we had sugar ... um ... blown about in a few places that don't normally entertain sugar.

we tried again - without air assist.

held in a trimmed paper cup, several of us tried to make shapes by melting confectioners sugar. we tried a black filled circle, several little circles with filled lines connecting them, and a spiral with 27 revolutions within about an inch.

consistently, we got balls of sugar to form, then they might move and join with another ball nearby. or maybe they'd stay where they were. made a beautiful organic pattern of spheres. gorgeous geometric chaos! not exactly a letter or clip-art shape but deliciously entertaining!

yes, I ate these little bits. they were crunchy and tasted just like cotton candy with no burn taste.


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