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world's largest penis erected

at left is the world's largest penis erected, according to ananova.  lovely.

a friend recently returned from Bhutan and reported that phalluses decorate houses, the tourists take pictures, the residents laugh at them.  lovely.

I dream ... that someday in america on the sides of houses in suburbia we will be free to ...

... paint flying phalluses on our houses and no one will get sued or jailed.

I can too dream this.

and why would I want to?  maybe it's wholly cathartic on my part but I have hope that it would bring a few guys who are so ... cocky ... back into the real world.

one of the startups I worked for had one VP for every 6 employees.  the way they acted gave me the vision that everytime they stepped out of their offices, they were stepping out cock first, like drawing their sword to do battle with the other VPs.  I wanted to tie little pink bows around their cocks to break this up, begging them to feed their egos off-hours, to get their work done so we could do ours.

but I digress.  and maybe I delude myself.

but the paintings in Bhutan are quite pretty, don't you think?

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