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which holiday is it?

Valentine's Day? Easter? I'm so confused.

I was etching valentine candy hearts earlier. then a fellow laserist gave me a dozen raw eggs he was done etching and I played in the open spaces.

I tried to put my face on them but it didn't come out so well. (I'm sure the crack was there beforehand!) out of 6 tries, this was the best.

so I reverted back to simple text (above). what to say on an egg ...

so I arranged small heavy pieces of steel right up against the egg and that worked. I also brought the speed way down (as well as the power) which I think helped as well.

my fellow laserist used the egg carton as a jig. that's usually fine if the carton material is safe to get hit with the laser (some materials like this will flash fire.)

his etchings looked better than mine. but since I started out close to his parameters, I suspect, as has been the case before, that my artwork needed to be modified. but by the time I'd done enough samples to conclude that, I was out of white spaces.

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