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what makes a carnivore?

if one bites one's cuticles, is one a carnivore?

what if one bites one's lip? How about if it bleeds and you swallow?

hmm, yes, that too, what about?

is eating dead skin enough? Or does it have to be muscle? Or blood too?

how about slightly live but soon to be dead skin?

skin that's bothering you?

or must one eat a different species in order to be a carnivore?

is it about the item having been any part of an animal at some point?

or is it about what happens inside our bodies after consuming it?

maybe we could have a whole variety of carnivores like the vegetarians have octo- and lacto- and vegan. We could have self-carnivore that's less impactful than a MarkIV-carnivore.

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