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we are all the same

eavesdropping at my favorite watering hole, I heard a group of young Chinese developing their marketing strategy for their church.

what are the nonchurchgoers' desires, they wondered aloud.

are they kidding, I wondered quietly. To not be bothered by you?

they brainstormed ways to make the sock-wearing Teva-sporting lost soul computer geek feel more comfortable at their church even though they all wore suits. we call them up, personally invite them, send them a little gift afterwards, they cheerily offered.

I was trying to imagine all the computer geek souls nearby wearing socks with their Tevas, despairing about how they could turn their lives around and longing for this call.

then they discussed the differences between Chinese and Caucasian. (I am Caucasian). to have known so many many many different different Caucasians in my own life and then to hear a non-Caucasian lump us all into one group was most bizarre. and then it hit me -- I do it about the Chinese. it's subtle but I do. since I know so many fewer of them, it can seem nowhere near as ridiculous to act from that narrow information. and I'm sure I do it about other groups as well even though I think I'm paying attention to this. it's just so easy -- and insidious -- to be able to do this so fluidly. I had to say thank you to the goddess of cut-out-the-stereotypes for letting me hear this conversation.

as I put my socked feet back into my Tevas, I wondered if I should check out their church. naaah.

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