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tool box potato chip server

so I'm walking out of my laser class into the members' potluck at TechShop when I set eyes on this.

someone cleverly took their latest tool box creation and offered their potluck wares of cheese and crackers and chips from its drawers.

plating these orange/brown comestibles with the green-hint-of-teal shelving system offers an appetizing color combination.

ok, he admits he bought the hardware. but he designed and cut and bent and finished all the metal.

pop rivets, I think he called these. to attach the hinge for the top.

nicely done, eh?

if you want to make one yourself, contact Earl, the maker of this wondrous toolbox at earlgpowell ~at~ comcast ~dawt~ net.

soooo ... what are You going to use to serve Your next potluck offering?

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