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how does this work? your young one is squirming too much for a rectal temperature take and you say, "Look! It's Spongebob!" and they stay still?

oh, and it's musical! what the? (usually I make everyone else's wtf category but this product has made mine.)

what song does it play?! does it play while it's taking the temp or when it's done?

oh, maybe it's for adults. and maybe you can make it more effective by uploading individual ringtones per patient. just don't confuse it with your cell phone.

so different ... and yet so similar ... my poop doesn't stink ... soap. with the fragrance of roses ... but the shape of ... well, ok, some think my creations are strange. I'm posting this so that you'll know there are people weirder than me :D

actually, for the right occasion and the right friend, this would be a hilarious gift, possibly left anonymously in their bathroom - or kitchen - during a big formal celebration.

I'm imagining using it the first time fully knowing it's soap, getting some lather going ... and thinking, "This is really confusing."

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