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pranks with toilet paper roll innards

have you ever been so hit with instant comprehension of an over the top idea that you open your eyes so full that they hurt? and your eyeball falls out? ok, me neither BUT my eyelid muscles stung like I might've ripped something when a fellow laser creator this evening hit on just what to do with a bunch of toilet paper innards.

etch sudoku puzzles on them and then reconstitute them with a couple sittings' worth of toilet paper (unused, you ninny) rolled back on them. then sabotage your friends' bathrooms.

thank you, Robert Snedegar, for this hilarious idea! we continued to riff on this....

why isn't Scott Tissue trying to sell tp like Pepsi sells drinks? "Win prizes! Read the innard of your tp roll to see what you've won! Win a lifetime supply!"

someone should ask someone else to marry them this way, the perpetrator pacing the halls, borrowing the neighbor's bathroom to ensure that their intended recipient will be the next user of the bathroom to get the message. we won't talk about what happens if the recipient is overjoyed with the proposal and forgets ... what ... state they're in before pursing the object of their affections.

and limericks - why isn't anyone putting dirty limericks on tp rolls to entertain the cleaned up masses?

I wonder what mine says ...

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