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nuclear thread spool holders

I'd made a couple jigs to hold large spools of thread for the sewing machines at TechShop. they looked so unofficial that several ended up in the trash by those who knew not what great service these wobbly pieces o' metal and old cans were providing.

at left is my latest version out of wire (rightmost) and closer to the machine is one made by Dr. Lathe. this is the kind of thread holder jig that would be found on a nuclear submarine - if nuclear submarines carried sewing machines - do they?

It. Will. Do. The. Job.

what spool of thread that you know of is not gonna behave when placed on this? I rest my case.

mine were so bad I had to put signs on them begging people to save them from trash can doom.

but no more. I'm gonna see if I can pay Dr. Lathe to make me two for home.

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