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natural blunders

I checked out the Natural Blunders show at the de Saisset on the Santa Clara University campus. this kind of art resonates with my veins and I was not disappointed.

Tara Tucker's walking forest.  reminded me of how I've wanted to do the reverse - leave parts of my body on the shelf while I go do something else.  why do I have to carry around every single body part of mine all the time even when I'm not using it?  well, ok, it's better than having to carry around a tree.

a wall of cicada exoskeletons by Cheryl Coon. a wall of ... oh ... 8' x 10'. A Lot. I dare you to stand close to it.

super sucker by my friend Stephanie Metz.  she creates her pieces by felting them.  you know how one felts, yes?  with a special needle into wool - poke over and over.  and over.  into the shape of teats.  24 of them.  will give any teat owner the willies.

called The Kiss by John Slepian, I was amazed at the empathy I could feel for this half furred lumpy skinned digital creature whining toward the left wall beyond which another similar creature on another monitor whined back.

and saving the most surprisingly beautiful for last - it took me 2 seconds with David Hevel's piece to make a beeline to the excessively bejewelled asses of each of three ... three ... animals, yes, animals.  I'm not sure exactly what they were - monkey/dog-like visions.  such vivid colors and expressions - and asses.  did I mention their asses?

featured artists:

Alastair Bolton, Cheryl Coon, Lauren Davies, Susan Felter, David Hevel, Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor, Misako Inaoka, Ernest Jolly, Michael McConnell, Stephanie Metz, Paul Paiement, Jane Rosen, John Slepian, Kathryn Spence, Tara Tucker, Sarah Wagner, Gail Wight

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