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luv spider

I'm getting ready to submit my Luv Spider art piece for the Hoop Show at the Soap Gallery in December.

You can buy it for $50. Opening Saturday Dec 13, 2008 from 6-9pm.

my brain so entertains me. Lisa Mendelson, one of the owners of the Soap Gallery, handed me a hoop a few months ago and invited me to participate in her upcoming show. "Here, you can do anything with it. AnyThing!" she said.

Me: AnyThing?


Me: Ok, I'm in.

my brain sees a spider web. heaven knows why. and a spider. capturing what? penises, of course. and the spider body? in the shape of a heart. one of its legs pops out of the embroidery to catch ... a flying penis which just happens to be passing by inches above the heart spider.

I have no idea where these thoughts come from. she gave me the hoop! it's her fault.

I machine embroidered it and then placed it into a hand embroidery hoop. my kinda statement.

that yellow bugger reminds me of those little fish crackers.

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