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what did I learn

What did I learn from weeks on jury duty?

I learned that I did not miss my calling by not becoming a lawyer or a judge.

I learned some interesting aspects of how the thyroid gland works, that the groundwater in this valley travels at about 3 feet per day, and that I love scientific descriptions of anything as long as they’re done well and thoroughly.

I learned that the main substance ignites but that even so, it may – may – may not be too harmful in very small doses although I’d be furious at being a guinea pig for that study.

I learned that I can entertain my mind with all sorts of thoughts about the court system and pictures in the wood grain of the dividing wall between me and the lawyers during many sidebars.

I learned that the main chemical substance in question is not related to cancer; both sides provided witnesses who agreed with that. This quelled my earlier subconscious thoughts of “every pollution source causes cancer.”

I learned that either side can put up an abysmal witness.

I learned that people who make a lot of money can make it by making terribly twisted contorted disgustingly unscientific arguments (well, I knew this already, just got it confirmed again).

I learned that the weaker their arguments the fiercer their tentacles.

I learned that attorneys are human and even in one trial, one can see quite a variety. I pictured the courtroom as an exhibit in a zoo with a placard out the front door, but usually they don’t mix this many animal types together.

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