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graphing the verdict

We knew from the beginning that this trial would last for 5 weeks. So as the days went on, we knew there was more info to come. But I wondered how I would decide as more information was presented.

Always looking for a system to make things easier, some way to accumulate all the information that I was sure to forget along the way, I imagined each day I’d tick one side or the other for where I stood. It could’ve looked something like this:

Day 1: Prosecution 0 Defense 1
Day 2: Prosecution 1 Defense 1
Day 3: Prosecution 2 Defense 1

But then I thought should each day be one point? Maybe it should be per witness? Per hour? Per document? Per data point? Per magnitude of data point?

In the end, none of these ways would’ve worked because the judge’s instructions of “Was the company negligent …?” didn’t map into day 1 or witness 7. Too bad.

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