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is it ever a straight shot?

I recently led someone to a lunch place, driving in separate cars because our trips afterwards would be in different directions.

the restaurant was between one and two freeway exits away with a couple backstreet routes also possible.  my friend followed me in his car.

I went a few blocks to the first main decision point - freeway or backstreets on the bay side.  I hemmed and hawwed.  oh, which one would be better.  luckily I was sitting still at a red light (and had time to waste on this).  as I was forced to turn one way or the other, I decided not the backstreets.  he followed.  I saw him through my rearview mirror glancing casually at the scenery.

now, freeway or backstreets on the other side?  umm ... no red light to give me time to think ... gotta decide Now!  freeway's moving ok. and we both have ... a ... chance ... to ... move ... over ... yesOkFreeway.

now, which exit.  the closer one would give us a windier path down the side streets while the farther one would take a little longer, be straightforward, boring and more crowded.

I looked in my rearview mirror to see him gazing at the gorgeous noon sun on the low rolling hills next to the bay.  I decided on the more straightforward exit so it would be easier for him to follow me.

why am I writing this silly story?  as I laughed at the marked difference between his version of our trip and mine, I realized I'm often in his shoes, not seeing the decisions someone else fretted about as they achieved something.  of course, the other difference is that Any friggin' choice I could've made this time would've been Fine.  someday I might learn this.  on the other hand, I am my own entertainment system.

an earlier version of myself would've put forth that I could've been in a serious accident on the other routes and it was good fortune that I decided to take this route this time and I would've been in awe at the external forces that had moved me to do so.

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