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intestine tea cozy

everyone's invited!

next week sometime, maybe like June 15, 2010

probably in the afternoon at an unsuspecting cafe near Palo Alto where there's a shortage of intestine cozies

we're not gonna make a scene. we're just gonna make a cozy.

to be confirmed at the last minute so if you want to be there, probably you want to contact me.

it will be lovely, starting off with gorgeous orange yarns and ending up with a special creation to keep the spout warm.

well, ok, you probably don't have a crocheted intestine to use but you can come and bring, say, a knitted or otherwise woven one. or some other one. does yours have LEDs on it? hey, that'd be a great addition.

or you can start making yours while we do the finishing touches to ours.

C and I will be covering her teapot with my crocheted intestines and a few other crocheted body parts, namely appendices and ... um ... one of my rather gorgeous (if I may say so myself) colons for the spout.

how did this come to be? you can read the conversation among friends for yourself:

C posted this picture of her morning tea setting and said she was drinking morning tea out of the blue bamboo teacup and saucer set. sounded innocuous enough. but then D started in.

D: Laura could have some fun with that tea cozy!

C: Teapot condom?

Laura: gee, I thought that had been done before but I searched and found: "No results found for "cock tea cozy". And searching for "penis tea cozy" brought up one spammy url. I could wrap my crocheted 21ft small intestine around it right now. it's very pretty and in the complimentary colors of oranges to the blues of the teacup.

D: Oh, the intestine cozy sounds great!

D: C's homey, relaxing photo has been thoroughly re-interpreted now.

L: I have some beautiful colons that could be attached to the end of the intestine, to be slid onto the spout to help keep that warm when not in use.

C: Orange is one of my favorite colors. I would be honored to have your intestines wrapped around my teapot.

D: "I would be honored to have your intestines wrapped around my teapot." is a good email signature line for a henchman.

N: this is totally badass.

L: performance piece, C? where and when?

L: somewhere public. like a cafe in menlo park or such...

C: Okay. You be in charge? Me and my teapot will be there. (N - No ass involved this time. We're stopping at the lower intestine.)

L: Well, I do hope to incorporate one of the colons if we can find one that color coordinates well. But it does raise the question - is the asshole part of the colon or a separate part unto itself?

C: Don't know what is medically proper, but it seems to me that if it's got it's own name, it must be separate.

you know you wanna join us

questions? contact me

responses so far:

colons? tea? menlo park? I'm so there!!

~ ~ ~

you have guts.

Yeah! and when you're out of guts, you can make some more!

~ ~ ~

When you're done serving Tea, I can turn your cozies inside out and use them for sausage made of ground up tweed jackets.

~ ~ ~

I think you have the beginning of a bowel movement happening here.

~ ~ ~

I hope you have a lacy hand knit colostomy bag to carry all this crap in.

I'm considering it. brown or chartreuse thread?

Depends on how lifelike you want to be, as though you're seeing the contents of the bag through its clear plastic.

Is this what is meant by 'side splitting' humor?

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