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camo apron

as close to Betty Crocker as I could ever possibly get.

at techshop where I teach laser and sewing classes, I mentioned to Abe - one of the new guys there who's tall, focused, doesn't make too many jokes, kinda even looks like an Abe - that I had this apron pattern I'd cut out over a year ago that I wanted to make out of camo and caution fabric

he looked at me incredulously. I thought, oh great, another person who thinks I'm so strange ... I should've taken just a little more time before revealing this side of me to him.

he finally spoke, "I would SO wear that apron. I'm going on a hunting trip soon and I would wear that with the guys, frilly bits 'n all."

I finished it two days later because, oh yeah, I wanna see him wear it.

I demoed it for him. he loved it and informed me it needed some hunter orange. supposedly if you hunt turkey in West Virginia you don't need any but if you hunt deer in Colorado 40% of your body needs to be covered in hunter orange.

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