balls transfer consummated

you may remember the beginning of our crocheted scrotum bowling balls story. now is the time for all good pranksters to come to the delivery of their balls.

the best I understand how this came to be - the recipient was furious at all those guys hanging those tiny balls off the back of their trucks. in exasperation he swore to his friend he was going to get some balls so big that no one would come even close to his size. his friend (who also happens to be my friend) hatched a plan to make his friend's desire come true, proposed it to me, and here we are.

installation requires teamwork.

prankster satisfied.

prankstee also satisfied!

giving 'em a good scratch - always appreciated, I hear.

no, I can't imagine having these things hanging off me.

a friendship well kept.

got your own prank idea that needs some crochet? you know who to call.


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