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1000 Journals @ SFMOMA

Yes, I'm showing at SFMOMA ... well, kinda. It just so happened that the journal I contributed to was one that made it "home" and into this show. read more about this fantastic experiment and come see the film! Andrea Kreuzhage did a wonderful job capturing the human aspects that swirled around this project.

for my contribution, I riffed off of someone else's offering -- "what if the hokey pokey is what it's all about?"

and I responded with captioned magazine photos.

left: yes, what you read in the papers this morning is true. The bible does say that it's all about the hokey pokey.

Now please line up so we can get started as soon as the band is ready.

right: You guys do the hokey pokey ONE MORE TIME on that court and I'll have each of you expelled.

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