Laura Mappin

Whether I’m crocheting with thread, laser etching food, or constructing with paper, LEDs, or beads, I will be creating something that addresses a taboo, makes me laugh, or uses materials in interesting ways.  The more of these characteristics I can achieve with a piece, the more I’m inclined to create it.

Having made several significant decisions in my life that were not in my best interests and having now extricated myself from those hamster balls coated inside with Vaseline, I seize this opportunity to make art to connect with those who are firmly thriving on the other side in order to sustain myself and keep building the fulfilling life that feeds me and my brain.

Even if I live to be 100, there will not be enough hours left for me to laugh enough to make up for what I have seen us humans do to each other. This contrasts with the capacities I know we have to understand and care better for each other and our Selves.  Therefore, I make myself laugh.  If you laugh with me, well, then that’s one more person I won’t be arguing with.  At least for a few minutes.

I live in the Bay Area, teach classes on laser operation, give talks on how you can laser etch your face into a tortilla among other things, and sell lighthearted adult themed silk laser cut products.  I had my first solo show at San Francisco’s SOAP Gallery, Sept 2008, called When Doilies Go Bad.  One of my doilies currently in work is a tribute to George Carlin.

In 2004, I received my first MFA from Laura Mappin University while I didn’t even realize I was enrolled.  I keep receiving one each year whether I want it or not.

More of my work, collaborative projects, and musings can be found at my website:


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