hacking taboos daily with stuff around the house

My new playground - just opened - Our Taboo Museum!

Check it out!!

free house Bhutanizations while supplies last!

what is a house Bhutanization? it's my offering of fertility and protection by enhancing a wall space around your home with the image of a colorful energetic playful phallus or vulva.

of course, my version is a phallus or vulva photoshopped onto an image you provide.

I may post nonidentifying images on my website unless you give me permission to post images that look like "your house" or "your hut."

contact me if you'd like your piece of this free service!

a brick house needs a brick prosperity decoration (spewing tiny briquettes - where did you Think we got them?)

a friend's calm alcove, enhanced

hurry, while supplies last!


Exalt the Crochetletariat!

   From each according to his ability - to each according to his needles!

        Rise up! All you have to lose is your chain stitches!

            Break the chain stitches of oppression!

                Crocheters of the world, untie!

Thanks to my good friend Will Davis for the above creative phrases.  Upon hearing my website name "The People's Doily", he let 'er rip!


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